The worldwide online stores statistics shows that 70% of customers interrupt their shopping due to many reasons. Imagine, how many customers would you lose due to independent of you reasons. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Assistant is the powerful plugin to let you understand specific reasons and steps where each customer interrupts its shopping. With the plugin you can make bulk and individual sending of emails to make your customers get back to your store and lets you analyze your store statistics in details. It is very easy to setup and to customize. It has a lot of options and great support.



  • Abandoned and completed carts chart
  • Browser history of a customer after the first product was put in a cart
  • Sending emails with customizible templates to one or several customers
  • Collecting emails before a checkout
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Compatible with most themes
  • Friendly Support

General chart

The key of this plugin is to make store owner’s life much more easier. The provided chart gives a general info of conversion of your store – how much people got items in their carts and how many of them made a purchase and didn’t leave a store. You can see a conversion for any time period. Also, the number of opened carts at the moment is displayed.

Detailed report

To go deeper to a statistics there is a table that contains all the carts that were initialized by customers. Here you will see the last time when a customer was in your shop, statuses of each cart and a route which a customer walked through your shop. Due to it you can assume why a customer left your shop and email him via our emailing module. It is useful for detecting a certain step or page where the most part of customers leave your store.

Useful settings

Not so much settings but nothing extra! Customize a timeout of when an opened cart becomes abandoned and a timezone to convenient displaying a time in browser history. Email templates for each type of cart will help you deliver your message to customers. Abandoned cart timeout is a very custom thing for a certain store. To get better statistics it has to be customized by yourself. All the carts are saved in UTC timezone, so it is also recommended to set your timezone for understanding of geography of your customers.

Customers in your hands now

The standard mechanism of WooCommerce is to get email at the checkout process. But it is useless when a customer leave your store before the checkout. The plugin provides the topbar that appears after the first product was added to cart. It is very very useful feature because you are able to get an email address and email a customer even if he didn’t place an order!


The only frontend part of the plugin is the topbar. And it is perfectly fits to mobile devices. The admin part of the plugin uses the standard Wordress API and it is also works like a charm on mobile devices.


We worked hard to make sure our plugin is compatible with most premium themes and plugins. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a compatibility issue

Fast and Friendly Support

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